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5 step lawn care programs starting at $36


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Professional Ground Maintenance

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There is no lawn too Big or Small.
At Exclusive Gardens we offer professional ground maintenance to homeowners as well as corporations. We're a full service lawn care company that has proudly served the greater Omaha metro area for over 20 years. Our skilled professionals provide the highest quality service to insure that you have a lush green yard all season long.

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5 step fertilizer programs starting at $36

Step 1:  (March – April) Pre- Emergent
Step 2: (April – May) Broadleaf and Weed Control
Step 3: (June – July) Granular Insecticide
Step 4: (August -September) Slow Release Fertilizer for summer long feeding
Step 5: (October – November) Slow Release Granular Winterizer

Other fertilization applications available (Grub control) upon request.

Aeration helps your lawn by:

Reducing soil compaction
Allowing oxygen to get down to the root system
Improves fertilizer and water intake
Allowing better results when over seeding
Other Services:  Dethatching, Seeding, Pest Control, Irrigation System Repair and Winterization